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Jul 27, 2016

Spin Android app now available!

You can now use Spin on Android devices.
Jul 08, 2016

App Update: Session Tags

You can now add session tags to sets to auto-tag any animations created within a session. Other app updates include improved video quality and editing existing tags.
Jul 04, 2016

App Update: Tap to Focus

Tap to auto-focus implemented when creating new spins animations!
May 19, 2016

Spin Slideshows

You can now view an infinite slideshow of your Spin animations! Click the slideshow icon on the top right of your profile page to view. You can also view slideshows for specifically tagged projects – you'll see the slideshow icon on tag pages too.
May 16, 2016

Tweet Animations!

With the updated Spin app, your animations can be directly embedded on Twitter!
Apr 21, 2016

Batch Tag Editor

Add tags to your sets using the new Batch Tag editor. To reach it, click the tag icon on your profile page and click the "tag editor" button. You must be logged in using your Twitter or Facebook login to view this feature.
Apr 19, 2016

App Update: Ghosting feature

There's now an onion-skinning feature for lining up new spins in your set. Check it out by updating your app, and read more about it at the link below.
Apr 08, 2016

Portuguese Build Instructions

We now have building instructions in Portuguese! Thanks to Gustavo Morceli and Gabriel Salla from Pete their help.
Apr 05, 2016

New device dock

There is now a universal device dock that works for iPhone 5 and 6 and also with iPads. Find the STL at the following link
Mar 30, 2016

App Update

Extended 30s audio recordings & UI fixes for non-retina displays
Mar 09, 2016

1000 spins!!

We hit 1,000 spin animations! This is the 1,000th Spin, from the Chicago Public Library:
Feb 17, 2016

Updated Tagging Interface

You can now view all your tags on your profile page and add existing tags to Spins through the website.
Jan 21, 2016

Instagram Integration

You can now share to Instagram directly in the Spin iOS app.
Nov 30, 2015

Add tags to Spins

A new iOS app update now enables you to add tags to your Spins and use these tags to search through your sets. You can also add tags to Spins on the website.
Nov 04, 2015

Create audio recordings through the Spin App

You can now record audio descriptions for your Spins directly through the app!
Oct 19, 2015

Updated App + Arduino Sketch

The app update includes faster Spins, iPad formatting, and some important bug fixes with regard to communicating with the turntable and running the app on older iOS devices. *NOTE: Please upload a new sketch to your Arduino using the instructions at the link below!
Oct 13, 2015

Add Sound to Spins

You can now add sounds to your Spins through the website
Aug 09, 2015

Created Google+ Community

Join the Spin Google+ Community to connect with others with turntables
Aug 06, 2015

Launched Filmstrip Interface

View different iterations of a project side-by-side in the Filmstrip viewing mode
Aug 06, 2015

New Recommended Audio Cable

The Build materials are updated to reflect a new recommended 4-pin audio cable from Amazon
Aug 04, 2015

Spin App on App Store

You can now download the Spin iOS app directly on the App Store